The ruling body of the Vampire Court of Houston. We offer a true sense of community for all of Houston's dark awakened and strive to give back to the community that supports us.
The mission of The Houston Vampire Court is to promote unity in the greater Houston community while being available to the newly awakened to encourage self-awareness and responsibility. We honor the traditions of history, respect and discretion regarding community affairs while advocating the safety and well being of our members. Emphasizing research and support of social gatherings we highlight the importance of education and strength of involvement as a cohesive force in our area. By taking an active role we will serve not only ourselves, but also our community, and our city.

We accept members from the local community. For those in our state and even outside our geographic area we encourage select founders and elders to join as "Associates" of The Houston Vampire Court. The Houston Vampire Court welcomes everyone to contribute to the collective knowledge of our community. We do not criticize other houses, orders, or beliefs but remain neutral and available to all who wish to belong. Additionally we offer an open hand to those who in the past have chosen to remain solitary in the community. It is left to our members to discern which path is appropriate for them while we work in concert to support their journey of spiritual and intellectual growth.

The Houston Vampire Court promotes itself as a neutral vampire community organization. We are not directly affiliated with any other court, order, or council, although we welcome associate members from many diverse areas of the vampire community. 

While we respect others who choose not to institute such a caste system, or none at all, we remain steadfast in our chosen structure, allowing us to freely encourage camaraderie and proactive involvement within the vampire community. Our policies regarding those we do accept and the maturity of our applicants are taken very seriously. Our members enjoy equal status and voice regardless of the path, religion, or philosophy they hold. Further complimenting this system, the founding members of The Houston Vampire Court conduct business as a cooperative body, sharing a vision of responsibility, tolerance, and awareness among both the greater and local vampire community.

The primary focus of The Houston Vampire Court is to expand the educational boundaries of our own community while improving the quality of the study of the vampiric condition among the non-vampiric population. Our base membership and associates encompass decades of involvement from all paths of the community. It is from this collective of unique individuals that we draw our strength in the fields of occult, paranormal, para-psychological, phenomenological, psionics, and general underground community research.

All who share a sincere interest in our research, and community hosted events are encouraged to participate. We extend an open hand to those of all houses, orders, or paths who visit our city; as we share a common vision of productive growth & organization within the community.
The Houston Vampire Court is a council born upon the ideals of unity, honesty, loyalty & fealty of it's members. 

The High Council of the HVC consists of our founding members:
Prince of Houston:
Tarik of House Valon, 

Lord Marshal:
Lord Wolf of the House of the Midnight Sky, 

Lord Maister:
Lord Aramond Sebastian of House Khaibitu, 

Lady Ambassadress:
Lady Aliana of the House of Divine Night 

These founding members are working hard to bring our city & our community back together again, stronger & wiser than before. We are working not only with each other, but with all members of the community to heal the city's Vampire & Otherkin communities, bringing our city's communities back to a glory we can all be proud of.