Prince Tarik Valon Head of Houston Vampire Court 

Lord Wolf Founder of House of Midnight Sky HVC Head Marshall

Lord Aramond Lord and Master of House Rahamdalph Founder and Iminus of House Kahibitu HVC  Head Maister

Lady Vamp Aliana Magistrate House of Divine Night Founder of the Female Vampire Network HVC Ambassadoress

              Lady Elizabeth HVC Chancellor and Member House of Divine Night..(left) Some goofy chic. (right).. lol. 

Lady Starla HVC Maister and Lord Gervase HVC Priest also Founders of Order of the Dark Moon seated Left

Tiha Mitu and Phoenix Nightengale Seated right HAVEN 

 Lady Lolanthe Auroura Van Rahamdalph, HVC Maister

                                                HAVEN~~~~~~ HOUSTON ALLIED VAMPIRES OF ETERNAL NIGHTS